Positive lifestyle change made easy

Good Idea – The Swedish Sugar Buster was developed by Aventure AB, a Swedish company with a proven track record in successfully taking research-based, healthy foods to the market. Our activities and development projects gather knowledge from a large number of research fields and are led by the principle “Science guided by nature”. Our mission is to make the world healthier by offering attractive and scientifically proven products to the market. It is positive lifestyle change made easy.

Good Idea™ – The Swedish Sugar Buster – is our first launch in the U.S. Market. It was designed to help your body handle the blood sugar spikes following a meal high in fast carbs and/or sugar, i.e. most processed foods.

Talk to the people
that make it happen.


Rickard Öste, Founder

PhD & Professor at Food for Health Science Centre of Lund University. Founder and inventor of Oatly.


Björn Öste, Founder, CEO

MSc in industrial economics. Founder of Oatly and 25 years of experience from entrepreneural-driven companies.



Charlyn Belluzzo, Director of Public Health, USA

ScMD, PhD, MBA. A thought leader and scientist who over the last decades has made significant contributions in areas of global health, adult education and research.


Elin Östman, Director Nutrition

PhD and associate professor at Food for Health Science Center, Lund University.



Olof Böök, PHD

PhD in Food Biotechnology. 15 years of experience from start-up’s including Oatly.



Pär Lundqvist, CFO

MSc in business administration. 20 years of experience from food industry start-up’s and established businesses.



Elin Öste, CMO

MSc in int. business administration. 10 years of experience from food industry companies like Quaker.