Why should I drink Good IdeaTM?
Meals with fast carbs – e.g. rice, fries or white bread – will make your blood sugar rise quickly and to a high level. In the long run, this could not only lead to weight gain, but could also be a serious challenge to your health.

Good IdeaTM has been developed to help those with normal blood sugar levels handle the sugar spike following a meal.

Blood sugar spikes – what´s the big deal?
You probably recognize the everyday effects such as sugar rushes, energy lows and sugar cravings. And research has shown that repeated blood sugar spikes as a result of a fast carb-rich diet is one of the factors behind low-grade inflammation. This in turn puts a strain on your body and there is a well known and scientifically proven correlation between low-grade inflammation and some of our most widespread lifestyle related conditions.

Can you put figures on the effect of Good IdeaTM on blood sugar?
We´re actually not allowed to give figures for the product itself, but our underlying clinical studies of the active formula of five amino acids and a mineral (chromium) have shown a typical reduction of the blood sugar level following a meal by 20 – 30%. The clinical studies have been carried out with healthy people with normal blood sugar levels.

Why a sparkling water?
We want to make it easy for people to take an important step towards a healthier lifestyle. Sparkling water containing an active formula is smart food, and easy to applicate on everyday life. Good IdeaTM is consumed like any sparkling water, and has a great taste.

Why does Good IdeaTM have to be consumed with food?
It doesn´t have to, but when consumed before, and with food, the formula of five amino acids and a mineral (chromium) seems to prime the metabolism to handle the fast carbs in the food more efficiently. When consumed without food, it will only quench your thirst, just like any flavored sparkling water.

I am a diabetic – will Good IdeaTM help me?
We haven´t done any studies on either type 1 or type 2 diabetes patients and do not claim any properties regarding treatment of those diseases. We are very interested in performing studies of Good IdeaTM in relation to a wide range of lifestyle related conditions. There is a multitude of other research associating a lower intake of sugar and lower blood sugar spikes with weight loss/weight management, enhanced cognitive functions and other positive health effects.

What‘s the origin of the amino acids?
The amino acids are produced by controlled fermentation of non-GMO vegetable sources such as sunflower seeds and corn or pure glucose.

How much amino acids are in Good IdeaTM?

A serving (12 fl oz) of Good IdeaTM  contains 2.6 g of amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, valine, threonine and lysine).

How much chromium is in Good IdeaTM?
Each serving (12 fl oz) contains 250 micrograms of Chromium picolinate, corresponding to 29 micrograms of dietary chromium. The adequate intake level is 35 micrograms of dietary chromium per day. There is no upper limit for intake in US, and not even having Good Idea with every meal would mean any risk of over consumption of dietary chromium.

Why is the dietary chromium added?
Effects of dietary chromium in relation to maintaining normal blood glucose concentration are scientifically well acknowledged. Our studies show that the addition of chromium to the mix of amino acids results in less insulin needed to handle the sugar spike following a meal.

Why is Good IdeaTM sold as a dietary supplement?
Good IdeaTM is an entirely new product, placed in the dietary supplement cathegory due to FDA regulations. Regulations differ in different countries/parts of the world. In Canada and Europe, Good IdeaTM is cathegorized as food.

What happens if I drink Good IdeaTM without food?
Nothing, except quenching your thirst. If there are no carbs to handle, no response from metabolic system is to be expected.

How much energy is in your product?
A serving (12 fl oz) of Good IdeaTM contains only 10 calories, all coming from the amino acids.

Is Good IdeaTM sweetened?
No, we will never use sugar or sweeteners in our products. We want to promote a change in diet and lifestyle. This includes moving away from sweetened products. Obviously adding sugar to a beverage that aims at helping people to move towards a healthier lifestyle would be counter-productive.