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Scientists all over the world agree that meals with too much sugar and fast carbs result in repeated blood sugar spikes that, in the long run, put a lot of strain and stress on our bodies. Some years ago, experts in food and nutrition at Lund University in Sweden found that a special mix of amino acids and a mineral could have a beneficial effect on the blood sugar spike following a meal. Repeated clinical trials confirmed that when this mix, dissolved in water, was served before, and with a meal rich in sugar and fast carbs, it was able to reduce blood sugar rise by 20-30%. This research marked the beginning of the development of Good Idea – The Swedish Sugar Buster. The goal was to develop an attractive product that could help our bodies handle the fast carb and sugar effects following a meal. Now it´s here, and it comes with a Structure/Function-claim, proudly printed on every single can:

Good Idea™ – The Swedish Sugar Buster may help those with normal blood sugar levels handle the sugar spike following a meal.
What it means? Well, simply that having Good Idea – The Swedish Sugar Buster with your food might be a small, yet important step towards a better lifestyle. It´s positive lifestyle change made easy!

The scientific team behind Good Idea™ is led by Professor Rickard Öste – a leading European scientist in the field of nutrition and food chemistry. Professor Öste is also a serial entrepreneur and the inventor of Oatly – a healthy oat-based milk alternative that is a commercial success story in 25 countries and continues to grow by double digits.

Studies show that the formula of five amino acids and a mineral can give a 20-30% reduction in blood sugar rise following carbohydrate-rich meals. Please see our scientific review for more info about the scientific background and clinical trials behind Good Idea™ – The Swedish Sugar Buster. Please note that the review is continuously updated with more results from clinical studies etc. A pdf print version of the scientific review can be downloaded here.

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