3 good reasons to drop the soda

I regularly get questions about sugary/sweetened sodas and energy drinks, and why I see them as problematic. Here are three good reasons to choose a healthier thirst quencher with (or without) your food:

  1. The sugar in regular sodas provide many empty calories, in other words, they are full of energy without nutrients. Drinking them with a meal enhances the post-meal blood sugar spike as well as the slump and sugar cravings that often appear after eating.
  2. Liquid calories are fooling the appetite regulation and don´t make us feel full. Thus it may lead to intake of more calories than we need.
  3. One suggested downside with the sweeteners used in some diet sodas is that they might disturb the microflora of the gut. Keeping our gut microflora in the best possible shape is of tremendous importance for lifelong health.

That´s all for now, folks. Drink water with your meals and live a healthier life!




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  1. why did none of the studies measure Hba1c?

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