5 Ways to Get Over Your Afternoon Slump

Do you ever feel tired in the afternoon? The post-lunch slump could be a drop in your blood sugar. Here are my five best tips on how to get over the yawning.

  1. Eat a better lunch. Avoid the fast carbs like pizzas, fries and white bread that make your blood sugar spike and then drop like a stone. Go for the fiber-rich, veggies, beans and pasta instead.
  2. Take micro-breaks. Stand up, stretch your body and look away from your work for a while. Or get some fresh air and a quick walk outside.
  3. Withstand the cravings. Sweet treats will cause an instant rush of energy, followed by the opposite shortly after….and then it´s all on repeat.
  4. Exercise regularly. As little as half an hour a day of moderate exercise, like a quick walk, is associated with better blood sugar control.
  5. Replace the sugary sodas. Drinking water instead of pop takes away lots of sugar. The naturally flavored sparkling water Good Idea adds to this by its unique formula that reduces the blood sugar spike after a meal. It will help you stay sharp and energized all day, without adding calories.
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