Good Idea is a sparkling mealtime beverage. Its unique blend of five amino acids and chromium is proven to reduce the blood sugar spike after a meal by, on average, 25%. Good Idea is unsweetened, contains zero calories and comes in three all natural flavors. It´s the perfect alternative to sugary sodas and energy drinks.

3 tips to avoid the food coma

We´re in the middle of holiday season, and with so many delicious treats out there, it´s easy to over-eat. Here are a few useful tips to avoid the food coma, stay energized, and get more quality time with family and friends, as an alternative to dropping out on the couch.

  1. Drink differently – drop the soda!

Sugary sodas and energy drinks add a lot of empty calories that put a strain on your metabolism, drive inflammation and will make you gain weight. Replacing these beverages with water is a significant step towards a healthier life with reduced risk for, e.g., type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and dementia. Why not make it a new year´s resolution?

  1. Replace the fast carbs!

Many of the foods we serve during the holiday season contain fast carbs that, like sugary sodas, will cause your blood sugar to spike repeatedly and leave you with a solid, drowsy, stone-like feeling. Try to replace at least some of the fast carbs on your plate with veggies. Why not a delicious salad on the side? Full-grain bread and beans are other ingredients to make your meal healthier. It may take a little practice, but your body will love you as much as you will love your body.

  1. Eat slow!

When you throw in the food, your satiety signaling system has no chance of keeping up. The result is that you risk to over-eat. Allowing the meal to take some time doesn´t only make it more enjoyable. It also means you will get full from eating less. Not to talk about how much more satisfying a meal can be over an interesting conversation.

Cheers to healthy holidays!

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