Good Idea is a sparkling mealtime beverage. Its unique blend of five amino acids and chromium is proven to reduce the blood sugar spike after a meal by, on average, 25%. Good Idea is unsweetened, contains zero calories and comes in three all natural flavors. It´s the perfect alternative to sugary sodas and energy drinks.

7 tips to regulate blood sugar levels

Keeping your blood sugar on an even level without the roller-coaster of spikes and lows isn´t only a great way of avoiding the afternoon slump and cravings for those sweet treats. In the longer perspective it is also one of the best – and cheapest – investments you can make in a healthy life. Here are my 7 best tips to keep your blood sugar within a healthy range.


  1. Skip the sugary drinks

Let´s face it. Sodas and many energy drinks contain sugar and lots of it. Just by replacing the soda with water you will take away lots of sugar from your daily menu. And artificial sweeteners are not the answer. Good Idea can be described as an enhanced water. It´s naturally flavored, totally un-sweetened and contains a scientifically proven blend of five amino acids and chromium. What does it do? Drink it with your food and in addition to pairing perfectly and quench your thirst, it will reduce your blood sugar spike after eating.

  1. Eat less fast carbs

Yep – lots of the meals we love, like pizzas, burgers, fries, white bread and sushi contain fast carbs that make your blood sugar spike and then drop again like a stone. If you ever had a post-lunch slump, you know what I am talking about. Go for the slow stuff instead – whole grain, veggies, al dente cooked pasta, beans, and fiber-rich will keep you satisfied much longer.

  1. Lose some weight

Over-weight and obesity puts a lot of strain on your body. Losing a few pounds by eating and drinking in a healthier way can make a real difference to your blood sugar regulation and reduce your risk of developing lifestyle related disease. Not to talk about how much better you will feel!

  1. Exercise regularly

Our bodies were made to move. Good news is that it doesn´t have to be much. Half an hour of moderate exercise, e.g. a quick walk, can make wonders for your well-being and stamina as well as your blood sugar levels.

  1. Withstand your sugar-cravings

Sounds easy, but so hard to do, especially if you had one of those fast-carb lunches with a soda on top instead of a Good Idea. So – the best thing is to start with a healthy meal that keeps you sharp and energized all afternoon. And if you get the sugar-cravings, try not to give in. Have a fruit, a glass of water or a cup of (unsweetened) tea or coffee instead. After a few days, you will be all in on your new and healthy habit.

  1. Have a healthy breakfast

Skip the on-the-run coffee and sweet stuff. Get yourself a real breakfast instead. Unsweetened yogurt and cereals, fresh fruit and whole grain bread will give you a perfect start and last all the way to lunch break. And why not try some oatmeal porridge with healthy berries and Oatly oatmilk?

  1. Plan your day – avoid stress

Yes, you got it right. Stress and too little sleep are both factors behind an impaired blood sugar regulation. Try to plan your days (and nights) so you can avoid it. And yes – we all live stressful lives, and for most of us removing it is just wishful thinking. But I´m sure there´s something you can do, and the less stressed you feel, the better you can cope with those stressful situations that seem to appear no matter how well you planned your day.

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