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Are you a champion surfer, a 60+ mountain-biker or a swimsuit model? A figure skating nutritionist or dietitian, an American wrestler, a twittering dentist, a seasoned parachutist or a creative diabetes educator? It doesn´t really matter. But don´t get us wrong. We would love to hear your story, but the big deal is that our Good Idealists come from just about everywhere. And that´s one of the things that makes our Good Idealist network so great.

In addition to living interesting lives, Good Idealists have a few other things in common: they are curious, they want to live healthily and care what they eat and drink, and they love to share their knowledge and experience with others. Over a dinner table, by their social media accounts, or during a tandem parachute jump (even if that is probably an exception).

Already an idealist? Here´s your chance to upgrade! As a Good Idealist, you will represent the Good Idea brand, and join us in our movement to make every meal better.

What are the perks?

Aside from being a part of an active network of nutritionists, dietitians, healthcare professionals and other health coaches, Good Idealists have access to unique life experiences, opportunities to interact with others and represent the Good Idea brand. Oh, and did we mention? You’ll get plenty of other perks like free product and Good Idea swag.

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