Good Idea is a sparkling mealtime beverage. Its unique blend of five amino acids and chromium is proven to reduce the blood sugar spike after a meal by, on average, 25%. Good Idea is unsweetened, contains zero calories and comes in three all natural flavors. It´s the perfect alternative to sugary sodas and energy drinks.

Good Idea is on the air!

Listen to this podcast about preventive food concepts, dieting, blood sugar control, inflammation and the scientific background to Good Idea.

A while ago, I was interviewed by Kate Bay Jaramillo, who is the host of Straight-Up Wellness (read more below). The interview resulted in a 34-minute podcast, covering different aspects of preventive food concepts, dieting, blood sugar control, inflammation, and – of course – my engagement in Good Idea drinks.  So – put on your earphones, lean back and listen to the podcast.

And here´s a short text from the website of Straight-Up Wellness:

“Straight-Up Wellness is a show that helps busy women reduce overwhelm and find the simplest, easiest ways to improve your overall wellness and quality of life. Kate – the host – is a mom, a Beachbody Live Certified Instructor, is certified by the Institute of Nutritional Leadership, and much more. She knows a thing or two about being busy and needing to find quick ways to keep yourself motivated, in shape, and happy.

But most importantly, Straight-Up Wellness is about the “big picture” of wellness – which means focusing on mindset, happiness, community, and relationships, in addition to nutrition and exercise.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by having too little time or not knowing what’s most important to do for your health (and the health of your family), then this is the show to listen to. Kate brings on some of the world’s leading experts in every area of wellness, and then she shows you exactly what matters and how to make small but powerful changes in your life.”

As you can understand, there´s also lots of other interesting stuff about health and wellbeing at the webpage. It´s food for both thought and body, and I strongly recommend a visit to

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