Good Idea is a sparkling mealtime beverage. Its unique blend of five amino acids and chromium is proven to reduce the blood sugar spike after a meal by, on average, 25%. Good Idea is unsweetened, contains zero calories and comes in three all natural flavors. It´s the perfect alternative to sugary sodas and energy drinks.

Sugar and fast carbs drive low-grade inflammation.

Say “inflammation” and most people think about an infected wound, a cold or the flu. An acute inflammation is the body´s response when it is attacked by something harmful, like infectious viruses or germs. It hurts, it burns, and sometimes we get a fever while the body is working on getting the “intruders” out of the system. The low-grade inflammation has totally different characteristics. It will often go on without us even knowing about it, but in the long run it can be very harmful. Research shows that chronic low-grade inflammation means a considerably increased risk of developing some of our most common lifestyle-related diseases, like type 2 diabetes, CVD and dementia. And here´s how it works.

Every time we eat, the body undergoes a stress reaction. This is totally normal and manageable. But when we expose the body to excessive stress, for example, by overeating or regularly eating unhealthy food, the post-meal inflammatory state can become chronic.

When this happens, the inflammation can impair functions of the blood vessels, liver, heart and kidneys. And it doesn´t stop there! Research has also shown that low-grade inflammation can impact our cognitive functions and can is involved in the development of e.g. Alzheimer´s disease.

Repeated blood sugar spikes caused by foods with sugar and/or fast carbs are among the foremost drivers of low-grade inflammation. The “sugary” eating habits also lead to overweight or obesity, which in itself both drives inflammation and leads to an impaired blood sugar regulation. It´s so easy to end up in that vicious circle.

And this is, in short, one of the main reasons why my colleagues and I came up with Good Idea. It is not intended to be a quick fix, but as a part of a healthier lifestyle, Good Idea can make a real difference. Just think about the positive impact it would have to replace the calorie-packed sodas or energy drinks with something really refreshing containing zero calories. And Good Idea´s unique post-meal blood sugar reducing function makes the switch even more effective .

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