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SAY GOODBYE to post-meal slumps and sugar cravings.

Ever had to hide a yawning during the after-lunch meeting? Chances are you experience the post-meal sugar low. Have Good Idea with your meal instead of a sugary drink to stay sharp and focused all day. In a healthy way without sugar.


A balanced blood sugar doesn´t only help you stay sharp and focused. It is also a great investment in a healthy life.

Blood Sugar Balance
– why is it important, and what is the science behind Good Idea?

Every time you eat, your blood sugar goes up. This is totally normal, and a part of the body´s system for transporting energy into its cells. But when you eat food with so-called fast carbs, like white rice, fries, white bread, burgers and pizzas, the blood sugar spikes, just to drop like a stone again shortly after. This is when you feel the typical post-meal slump, usually followed by cravings for sugar.

If this only happens now and then it is probably nothing to worry about.  But if recurring blood sugar spikes and lows develop into a pattern, they can be a serious threat to your health. In fact, an un-balanced blood sugar drives inflammation and is one of the foremost risk factors behind lifestyle-related conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, and even dementia.

Good Idea is based on 20 years of research at Lund University in southern Sweden. It tastes and quenches your thirst just as any sparkling water, but this one comes with a twist that makes it the ideal mealtime drink. Its blend of five essential amino acids and chromium are clinically proven to balance the blood sugar after a meal by reducing the blood sugar spike by 20-30%.

The direct benefit of Good Idea is that you will be able to stay sharp and focused even after a rich meal. It will also help you stay away from those sweet treats, and help you consume less sugar. In a longer perspective, a balanced blood sugar is strongly associated with a healthy life.

The mechanisms behind Good Idea include the amino acids ability to “prime” the body to take care of the energy from food in a more efficient way. To reach full effect, about 100 ml of Good Idea should be consumed before the meal, and the rest with the food. The chromium will increase the body´s sensitivity to insulin (the hormone needed to transport energy into the cells) so that less is needed. Chromium is also associated with helping the body utilize all macronutrients: in addition to carbohydrates also fat and protein. This means that Good Idea is ideal also with any carb-reduced diet.

If you want to dig deeper into the science behind Good Idea, please download our scientific review – pdf-version here.

Yes, we´re in Hong Kong

After a successful launch into the US market, Good Idea is now ready for Hongkong. We will start our delivery to health-conscious restaurants, hotels, spas, conference centers and office spaces early 2020. Do you want to be among the first in Asia to offer the Swedish magic water to your guests? Please get in touch for a personal presentation and a healthy business proposition.

More about us

Good Idea is brought to Hong Kong by Aventure Hong Kong Limited, a subsidiary of Swedish food & biotech company Aventure AB. The team behind Aventure holds an impressive track record of bringing healthy and functional food products to the global market. The founder, Professor Rickard Öste is also the inventor of the Oatly oat drink. At Aventure´s premises in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park products and concepts are developed for the Asian markets.